Our Solutions

Proprietary platform to discover innovative modes of action and small molecule inhibitors

Discovering small molecule inhibitors with a unique, hybrid approach

Our proprietary technology combines an AI-driven computational platform, ChemPass AI for Ag™, with bio-chemical assay and greenhouse validation. Our methods help to overcome challenges in the discovery of target proteins and identification of small molecule inhibitors for effective crop protection products

Computational engine –
ChemPass AI for Ag™

To accelerate the process of target protein selection and the identification and optimization of relevant small molecule inhibitors, AgPlenus has developed ChemPass AI for Ag™, a computational platform based on AI.

ChemPass AI for Ag™ is a proprietary AI-driven engine that enables the discovery of novel essential druggable proteins followed by virtual screening of billions of compounds.

Once a target protein is selected, the robust platform assists in identifying and optimizing relevant small molecule inhibitors. The platform also enables de novo molecule design.

Experimental validation.

During each step of the discovery process, the computational predictions are validated by lab and greenhouse experiments

Our unique approach combining computational and experimental platforms, accelerates the process of discovering hits active on novel targets.

Our computational engines allow us to further evolve these hits towards leading compounds for pre-development.

AI-based virtual screening of billions of compounds

Addressing environmental safety and selectivity early in the discovery

Cost-effective wet screening of only hundreds of compounds

Reduced time to market and increased probability of success

Generates novel MoAs to overcome resistance and ensure sustainability