Our Innovation

Target-based discovery approach for crop protection

Integrative platform for Crop Protection Discovery

Our advanced technologies and holistic approach enable target-based discovery of small molecule inhibitors for diverse indications. At the foundation of our process is the deliberate discovery of novel Modes of Action (MoAs) and protein targets. Following this, we virtually screen billions of compounds against these targets. Through experimental studies we qualify a small number of hits,
which are then optimized using our platform, including de novo molecular design.

Target protein selection with our TargetSelector™ tool

The TargetSelector™ effectively identifies target proteins with novel modes of action (MoA) for a sustainable crop protection product. Once the target protein is selected, we conduct experimental studies to validate the selection. This is the first step in our target-based approach.

Small molecule discovery with our PointHit™ tool

PointHit™ AI-based platform, for high-throughput virtual screening (HTVS) is a highly efficient deep docking process involving billions of compounds for finding the optimal molecule that could interact and inhibit the protein’s biological response. This approach increases structural variability and opportunity to find hits, while reducing the volume and cost of our downstream analysis, which are required for the validation of the hits candidates

Small molecule optimization with our de novo design tool

Our cutting-edge small molecule de-novo design tool has the potential to revolutionize agricultural research. This innovative approach expands the chemical space beyond the imagination of the researcher, thus accelerating the optimization process, bringing efficiency and efficacy in agricultural research to new levels