Novel Crop

To guarantee global
food security

Our Innovation

Our unique approach is target-based, allowing for design and development of innovative crop protection products:
• Addressing resistance from the start
• Mapping and selecting novel MoAs
• One platform for diverse indications
• Scanning billions of compounds
• De novo design of small molecules


Our Solutions

Our platform combines the state-of-the-art computational engine, ChemPass AI for Ag™, with an experimental approach.

Our computational platform, allows for the discovery of novel target proteins, resulting in new modes of action, massive parallel virtual screening and hit optimization.

This computational solution is complemented by our experimental approach, which spans from biochemistry, through greenhouse test to field trials.

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From target identification via hit to lead. Agplenus innovative tools address all crop protection indications: herbicides, fungicides and insecticides

Weed Control

Novel wide-spectrum, effective herbicides to break
resistance and facilitate sustainable crop management to enhance crop yields.

Disease Control

Novel fungicides to overcome existing resistance mechanisms and to prevent plant diseases from taking hold.

Insect Control

Novel insecticides with new MoAs to control invasive pests while protecting pollinators and 
local breeds.

About AgPlenus

Discovering, designing and optimizing novel crop protection agents for enhancing effective and sustainable agriculture, to allow food security for the rapidly growing world population.

We use a revolutionary AI based computational engine combined with experimental biology and chemistry, to identify novel target-based resistance-breaking Modes of Action.

Our effective computational approach enables us to systematically scan huge virtual libraries of billions of molecules, thus allowing for vast chemical diversity to be tested.


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